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Netley, Southampton


Stratland Estates submitted the outline planning application in February 2016 to establish the principal of access and up to 89 units, which would include a wide range of accommodation with one, two, three, four and five bedroom units.

The overall site area is 3.5ha (8.6 acres) and development is proposed on 2.82ha (6.9 acres). The proposed density allows for the provision of  spacious front & rear gardens and suitable separation distances between dwellings to create a leafy living environment.

Of the total 89 units 35% will be affordable for rent and shared ownership in accordance with policy 74 H (ii) of the Local Plan. The affordable housing will go a long way to help meet local housing needs in the surrounding areas.

Details of the design are not fixed and will evolve through discussion with the local community and the local authority.


Although the planning application is outline only, the house types are yet to be established however it is likely they will be in character with the local area and its surroundings. Stratland are working closely with local architects on the reserve matters to carefully design a well thought out and aesthetically pleasing scheme whilst conforming to Eastleigh's design SPD, and we look forward to presenting this to the Parish Council. 

A green corridor will be provided on the eastern side of the site and along the Grange Road frontage, providing a direct link to the Westwood Local Nature Reserve. This corridor would be approximately 25m wide and would comprise high quality landscaping with native plants, footpaths and lawns.

A wild play area could be included within the corridor either in a single location or distributed along the corridor.

Management of the public open space would be helped by the overlooking of properties on the other side of the road.

The historic environment of Netley Abbey and the ecology of the area will be protected.

Meeting local needs

The proposed development has been designed to meet the local needs of the existing local community and is suggested as an option for the new Eastleigh Local Plan and/or to help meet the 5 year land supply deficit.

The development will go some way to meeting the housing needs of local people wishing to stay in the area.

This includes houses for those downsizing, affordable housing for those local people unable to find rented or shared ownership accommodation within Netley and the surrounding area, and a mix of family homes.

Site location

The site at Grange Road is sustainable towards Netley with its central location and access to shops, park and local facilities.

The land is flat and level and well located in relation to the facilities in the village. The Junior School is immediately adjacent to the site and there are shops within half a mile. There is also a convenient bus service along Grange Road.

The Government’s National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states that local planning authorities should be responsive to local circumstances and plan housing development to reflect local needs, particularly for affordable housing.